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MARZ LÉON has proven over and over that she is at her best when she writes about matters of the heart, and heartbreak, as history has proven, lends itself very well to beautifully emotional music.

“S O R E E” was written during the time of a breakup, and to further emphasize that gut-wrenching feeling, LÉON has shared equally evocative visuals for the single. Directed, edited, and styled herself, she wanted the video to “have a lot of emotion.”

“I envisioned it displaying how much I put into that relationship at the time,” LÉON told Nylon about the visuals. “How I gave to someone a piece of me, which is very hard to give to anyone; I watched it get used, treated other than it’s worth, and torn apart.”

MARZ LÉON is currently preparing her debut EP, which is expected to be released this summer. Watch the video for “S O R E E” above.

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