If you haven’t watched KAMAU’s video for “Jambo” yet, stop reading and go watch that right now. I’ll wait.

Each piece of art that the MD-raised DC native produces is enjoyable on its own, but the larger picture he’s painting comes into focus when you look at his work as a whole—the same way he sees it. He’s the kind of artist who seems to put just as much time and energy into a video as the actual song itself. He works within the context of everything he’s already put out in the world and is creating a truly cohesive body of work.

With that in mind, the video for “JUSFAYU” (featuring No Wyld) is a continuation of the video for “Jambo.” The character, Bo, who KAMAU transformed into at the end of “Jambo” becomes the lead in this video—literally wrestling for love.

“The video is set in a dream of the main character, Bo,” KAMAU explained to NPR. “In Bo’s dream, he seeks to find love with Esha. She seeks love with other guys, which is embodied by his best friend, Magua. He’s who sits devouring and degrading love and [its] interests, which manifest themselves in his dream as juicy plums.”

With his eye for detail, KAMAU is able to turn a simple set prop like a plum into an emotionally charged metaphor for degrading love. That’s special.