Image via @haimtheband

In the three years since the release of HAIM’s debut album Days Are Gone back in 2013, the three sisters have been all over the world, received Grammy nominations, and made famous new friends.

But when it came time to get to start writing their sophomore album, the focus was on “trying to go back to your normal life, but realizing there is a difference,” as guitarist Danielle explained to Rolling Stone in a new interview. So they went back to where it all began: their parents’ living room.

“All of our band rehearsals until recently were in our living room, and we wrote every song in our living room,” bassist Este explained “So it was surreal and kind of emotional to be like, ‘We’re going to the Grammys in a week and we’re back in the living room trying to write a new album.'”

Being on the road for so long, they say they found their core identity as a rock band and are focused on more organic rock sounds this time around.

“We’ve always been very interested in combining organic and non-organic sounds in our music,” Danielle she says. “On the first record, we were really obsessed with mixing the two in a way where you couldn’t tell if a snare was real or a sample. We still love that, but this time we came at it from a more organic, rock standpoint. Because when we play live, we realize that ultimately, we’re a rock band.”

They’ve recorded new songs on their own and with former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij and have started playing new material live. While they stressed there’s no set plan, they did reveal that they’re shooting for a fall release. While you wait, you can see them play a new song called “Nothing’s Wrong” below.