Art by Henock Sileshi

When anonymous 18-year-old producer pnkblnkt initially contacted us last month, he explained, “I am a broke college student working out of his dorm room, and this project has been my life for the past year.” That project, COZY, is finally ready. With its brisk running time and carefully selected features, pnkblnkt’s COZY is a wonderfully produced debut that shows a dedication to his craft.

Inspired by the work of Flying Lotus, Shlohmo, and Clams Casino, pnkblnkt takes his ethereal influences to a sonic space entirely his own on COZY. Talking through email about the project, he explained, “I’ve spent the last year trying to make everything from the sounds to the visuals to the roll-out perfect. I don’t expect anything from this, if one person finds a song they like then I will be happy. This project is my attempt at a cohesive art package across multiple mediums.”

While the project screams confidence, especially during its second half, pnkblnkt himself is anything but confident. “I know I can do better,” he tells us over email, seemingly determined to continually improve from one release to the next. If he honestly believes COZY isn’t showcasing his art at its finest, then it would appear he’s got an insanely bright future ahead of him.

Listen to the premiere of COZY below, or download it for free here.


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