We’ve all been there. As relationships break down and crash to an end, it’s easy to spiral into a self-destructive cycle. In hopes of escaping reality, you might throw yourself into new activities or substances—only to wake up the next morning with food and sharpie’d dicks smeared on your face. It’s not pretty, but it’s reality.

Hinds take that “reality over pretty” ideal to heart in the raw and uncompromising video for their garage rock break-up anthem “Easy.”

“The music video shows how crazy you become through the breakup and the crazy things you do to try to not confront it,” Ana García Perrote (guitar/vocals) told Vulture. “You may go crazy with food, alcohol, drugs, boys, parties — everyone does something crazy. It’s just that moment where you feel so lonely that you have to do some crazy thing and not think all the time because thinking is even worse than being drunk or on drugs.”

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