Yesterday, Drake made a rare late night appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to tackle all of the topics everyone’s talking about: memes, Drake’s dad, and more memes.

Fallon wasted no time, revealing print-outs of “Baby Drake”—which they both wear as accessories, because of course—after a brief chat about Views and all of the records it has broken since its April 29 release. Graham also explains the “6” on national television, which should only further the mass percolation of Toronto’s rebranding that began with Jimmy Johnson.

Several videos have surfaces from the visit. Drake’s CN Tower meme is embedded above, with additional clips included below. Take a trip down memory lane and watch the last time Graham stopped by Fallon’s studio in 2014. He performed “Too Much” in 2013 with a little help from The Roots.

Drake hosts and performs on Saturday Night Live tomorrow evening.

Drake’s dad has somehow not yet hard Views, and Drake gives what might be his best impersonation thus far when recounting an awkward/hilarious phone call with his father:

Drake dunks on Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious match of “Faceketball,” in which the participants don mini-ball hoops on their heads:

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