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Image via PR

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Liv Dawson is only 17, but you wouldn’t know it from her music. As evidenced on her new track, “Tapestry,” the London singer delivers her material with an emotional depth and confidence well beyond her years. This thoughtful message is paired with a backdrop of luscious pianos, percussion, and soulful guitar. And while this is an undoubtedly impressive debut, you get the feeling after a few listens that there’s still so much to come from Dawson. Which, considering her young age, is incredibly exciting to have in a new artist.

As for the subject of her message, the singer says it’s about that one person that makes your life better:

“Tapestry is about that person in your life that makes a huge difference. That person who helps you become who you are. As soon as I wrote it I fell in love, it was the sound and feel I’d been looking for in my music.”

Listen to “Tapestry” below, and look for more from Dawson soon.