Image via @iamwill

Image via @iamwill

Interviewing entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Founder & CEO of is a very nuanced process. For example, the descriptor we just used is the preferred first reference for the rapper “first music artist to beam a song back from Mars.”

We know this because before interviewing Black Eyed Peas frontman for The Daily Telegraph, Harry Wallop received (and later tweeted a photo of) a three-page document titled “Tips for maximizing your interview time with” that was full of information about how an interview with ought to go.

In the first tip, the entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Founder & CEO of is referred to as “The Future,” and the list only gets more fascinating from there. Bottom line: be expedient, and don’t waste The Future’s time, of which you have been granted a limited amount.

Find the first page and another snippet of the document below.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.58.22 PM

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