Baltimore rapper Tate Kobang has been on a steady rise to the top ever since we were first introduced to him late last year. Earlier this month he dropped Since We’re Here and now he returns with a video for the project’s opening track “Poppin.”

In the video, Kobang and his friends can be seen just having a good time in front of a Waffle House. Kobang shows off some of his dance moves while on top of a van in a seemingly vacant parking lot. “Poppin” is a slow-building track that speaks for itself. It doesn’t need anything extra to pull further attention, as a result Tate Kobang delivers a video that is simple and fun.

He revealed to XXL that the entire video happened on a whim during an ordinary stop to get breakfast. “I called up my bro Spudds Mckenzie and he showed up 10 minutes later with his camera,” said Kobang. “Next thing I know, I jumped on top of the van and had the Waffle House parking lot poppin.”

Watch the video above.