Prince Percocet

Image via Warner Brothers

The cause of Prince’s death remains unknown as autopsy reports have been delayed, but information surrounding his health gives some insight into how the seemingly healthy 57-year-old passed away.

People connected with his family tell TMZ that he had “developed a sometimes debilitating dependence on Percocet” since being prescribed the painkiller for hip problems in 2009. They also revealed that he had been treated for a Percocet overdose six days before his death.

This information coincides with reports from NBC News that a Minnesota sheriff investigating Prince’s death has asked for help from the DEA. They hope to find out if prescription painkillers found in his possession when he passed away had anything to do with his death.

The hip problems that resulted in the Percocet prescription were caused by wear and tear tear to his joints from decades of jumping up and down during his energetic performances.