Bronx rapper Chris Cartier is gearing up to release his upcoming project Dead on Arrival this summer. Ahead of the project’s release, he returns with a new single titled “All Year.” Cartier has always had a very transformative sound and a versatile flow to match—he showcases both on his latest single.

Cartier admits that “All Year” came together during another late night in his mother’s basement. “It’s really inspired by my hustle, spending every pay check on studio time and beats, and not having money to get on the train for work the next week or get a decent meal,” Cartier reveals. “These verses are my life just letting you know we are working hard.”

His lyrics layered over subtly bouncy production provided by Superstaar Beats creates a track that feels encouraging. As a result, he delivers a song dedicated to everyone who understands what it’s like to strive for success by any means necessary.

Listen to “All Year” below.

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