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Image via KHIRY

Image via KHIRY

DMV-based artist KHIRY oviim showcases a kind of self-conviction with his latest track, “Pray,” that few rappers are capable of delivering. With nothing to lose, he’s determined to paint a better future for himself. “While I was in the studio session recording this song, I actually broke down crying and had to step outside,” he told us over email. “My recording studio is a secret spot situated atop a church in D.C. and prior to recording, I had been kicked out of my home and the most important people to me turned their backs.”

Effectively homeless as of right now, he had to turn to his closest friend for help. It’s clear from how he talks about his current situation, that he won’t be stuck where he’s at for long: “I spend every dollar I have on studio sessions because I have a fire under my ass and nothing but passion for my craft.” It’s clear from “Pray” that he’s destined for bigger things, and he’s not content waiting for his imminent success to just fall in his lap.

Listen to “Pray” below, and keep an eye out for more from KHIRY in the near future.

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