Image via Joker

Image via Joker

Simply put, whenever the UK badman Joker touches down with new material, you best pay attention. In his first release since vibrant 2015 album The Mainframe, Joker’s back to Purple WOW up the place with his forthcoming Phoenix EP. Judging by the regal vibes on tracks like “No Face,” this four-tracker is going to soundtrack your spring adventures with ease.

When asked about the make-up of the track, which marries his signature fuzzy funk with bright horns, Joker tells us, “Once every few months I sit down and go through all of my hard drives to listen to my ideas from the start of Asgard, and pretty much every time I come across something that I really like and understand how to finish now. I think it was coming up to the end of 2015,” he continues, “and I was on a Skype call with Benga going through one of my history searches for ideas.”

Joker’s search led him to a beat from 2006 that he had started on Reason, and from what we’ve heard, Joker had most of the track done back then. But now he knew exactly how to finish it. “It made so much sense [that] I could finish it now,” he summarizes. “I just didn’t have the tools or know how back then to get it sounding how I have [it] now.”

Joker makes it sound easy, but when it comes to that raw, uncut future funk, he’s got it in spades. Stream “No Face” below, and cop Phoenix when it drops on May 6 via Joker’s imprint, Kapsize. Check out Joker’s upcoming US tour dates, too.

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