Screenshot via YouTube

Screenshot via YouTube

When two new Drake songs showed up online this morning, the internet went into overdrive. Because it wasn’t just Drake on the credits—“Pop Style” boasts guest verses from The Throne, a rap duo better known as Kanye West and Jay Z.

It also turns out that describing Jay Z’s part on “Pop Style” as a “verse” is a little misleading—it’s just two lines (18 words) long, which is a little light for a verse in the traditional sense of the word. This fact was not lost on Twitter, which immediately began roasting/bemoaning the fact that this is what a Jay Z verse looks like in 2016. Check out the best reactions below.

When you’re mad that Jay only had two bars on Pop Style but then remember it’s still a Drake x Kanye collab…

— Gino Zarrillo (@GinoBambino23) April 5, 2016



Just when you thought you were getting a Jay Z verse.. ✌🏾️#PopStyle — Nâppÿ Heâd Kēnnÿ (@Young_IGG) April 5, 2016



Jay Z’s recording session for “Pop Style.”

— Joe La Puma (@JLaPuma) April 5, 2016


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