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As artists progress in their careers, the hope is that new opportunities and resources will only make the creative process flow more easily than it had before. Of course, complications of success often get in the way, but it seems British duo HONNE are capitalizing on increased exposure to make some of their best, most natural music yet. The story behind a new collaboration with Izzy Bizu, “Someone That Loves You,” is a perfect example of that.

“An amazing part of our job is getting the chance to work with other creative, likeminded people,” they wrote in a Facebook post. “After finding out that she liked one of our tracks, we asked Izzy to write some stuff together and without really thinking about it, our next single was written.”

That “without really thinking about it” sentiment is key and it crosses over into the music itself. Kicking up the tempo without losing the soothing quality that stamps much of their work, the collaboration feels as effortless as its backstory.

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