Drake Father John Misty Yuri Beats

“I was walking down the west side of Manhattan along the water,” Yuri Beats tells us as he explains the moment it dawned on him to blend the disparate worlds of Drake’s self-assured anthem “Legend” with Father John Misty’s melancholy “Holy Shit.”

“I looked out across the water while listening to Drake and I looked into the sunset. The sun came out from a cloud and blinded me a little. I heard Father John Misty’s voice in the back of my brain telling me to do it. So I did.”

Of course. Strokes of genius like this don’t happen through ordinary circumstances. You don’t just randomly get the idea to layer wailing Father John Misty vocals behind Drake bars while making breakfast. No. You need divine intervention. Mother Nature plays a part. You need, well, the encouragement of a whisper from Father John Misty himself.

“I love both of those songs,” the producer continues. “They provoke a similar feeling inside of me.”

“It’s not a straight mash up per se,” he explains. “There’s a lot going on in that mix. I don’t want to ruin it too much by getting into it but I definitely wanted it to be magic. I wanted the mix to be haunted. I wanted to honor the transcendent nature of the source material. I’m so happy that people picked up on that dimension of it.”

Listen to it in all its glory here and snag a download here.