This is a special moment for the internet. The good people (person?) over at Insane Cherry have been creating these “animal covers” for just over a year now, but this is undoubtedly their finest work.

What’s an animal cover, you ask? Picture in your mind a human covering a song by an artist—maybe that song is The Pixies’ timeless classic “Where Is My Mind.” Now imagine that human has been replaced by a collage of famous internet animals—cats, dogs, goats, and foxes who have found digital fame thanks to the weird sounds they make.

Judging by some of the Insane Cherry YouTube descriptions, this channel is a Russian invention. But you don’t have to speak Russian to enjoy the screaming fox solo. Watch “Where Is My Mind” above, and for more blissful insanity, check out the animal cover of Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” (featuring Ryan Gosling) below.