2016 is fucking strange. There’s a Young Thug soundalike, Kanye West dropped an album before finishing it, and now Stitches is taking inspiration from Adele. For his new song “One Million Dimes,” the Florida rapper with an AK-47 tattooed on his face interpolates the “Hello” chorus:

“I must have sold a million dimes / I was selling drugs all the time / And I’m sorry mama, for the pain you went through / I’m sorry, I promise what I did was for you”

We can’t hate on Stitches for the newfound positivity, even though the song he’s most known for sends very different message (mainly about his love for selling blow). We can, however, hate on Stitches for trying to sing an Adele chorus. This song is just ridiculous, but you need to hear it at least once.


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