Rapper/producer Plu2o Nash—known best for his work with Lucki Eck$—has been diligently producing music and linking up with some big names over the past few years. Continuing on with his streak, Plu2o’s latest collaboration is a bit of an unexpected one: Jesse Rutherford of The NBHD joins the Chicago native for “Alone.”

According to Plu2o, Jesse had visited Chicago a while back and became a fan of Plu2o’s sound because of how different it is, which led to “Alone.” Jesse proves to be the perfect collaborator, his yearning vocals complementing Plu2o Nash’s thumping, skeletal production. The single further demonstrates Plu2o’s terrific ability to craft intriguing production, and has us looking forward to his next project.

Listen to Plu2o Nash and Jesse Rutherford’s “Alone” below.

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