Image via Kudu Blue

Image via Kudu Blue

Hailing from Brighton, England, five-piece Kudu Blue are blending styles with aplomb on “Vicinity.” The song is pop at heart, the full-hearted chorus and wordless intro and outro hitting with a pleasing immediacy, but the production choices are unpredictable. The vocals float through a haze of twitchy percussion and lush guitar, reflecting their influences which range from ’90s trip-hop and electronica, through to ’00s garage.

“The track is about how we begin life as a child full of love, passion and intrigue,” Kudu Blue explains. “The freedom of expression often gets stripped from us as we grow older. This in turn, inhibits our individuality. We develop into humans that go through the daily grind of life; eat, work, gaze at computer screens (a false reality), socialise with friends via the internet, eat, stare at screen, sleep, repeat. We become numb to the essence of life, our emotions too often influenced by media outlets. ‘Vicinity’ is about breaking out of this state of being.”

Listen below and check out more from Kudu Blue on their SoundCloud here.

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