Anderson .Paak is still soaring off the success of January’s Malibu album, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots. .Paak and producer Knxwledge have been making music as Nxworries for a minute—in fact, it was the NxWorries classic “Suede” that got Dr. Dre’s attention and led to .Paak’s features on Compton.

The two have reconnected for another one of their smooth, sultry hits today—”Link Up” has a new video, and it features the manic comedy of Eric Andre. Andre bursts into Knxwledge’s deli in a rage, demanding compensation for a four-pack of mini-wine bottles—there were only three in his pack. Once he’s (forcefully) pacified, the camera turns to .Paak and a gaggle of female companions, who have their run of the Los Angeles deli as Knxwledge spins from behind the counter. Watch the video above.