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Image via The Blancos

There’s not much out there about New York City-based duo The Blancos. The 25 and 23-year-old artists aren’t big talkers, but the music says a lot. “BKCBD”—broken kids chasing broken dreams—details a conflicted life filled with drugs, women, late nights, and uncertainty. Sonically, it’s a slow-burning, heartfelt ballad with elements of rock and a hip-hop edge. It’s both powerful and vulnerable, and it’s a great introduction to a new act occupying a unique lane in music.

“‘BKCBD’ speaks on the process of finding yourself in this world,” The Blancos explain in a statement via email. “Identities change every day. Nobody knows who they truly are. We’re all just broken souls searching for a purpose.”

The Blancos have an upcoming EP called Broken Kids… and you can check them out at SXSW this year.