Smino Press

Image via Smino on Facebook

Smino and Monte Booker are building something special in St. Louis. After impressing with two EPs in late 2015 (S!CK S!CK S!CK and blkjuptr) that showcased their fresh (and fully-developed) sound, they’re back with their first release of 2016, “Krème Brûlée.” Over a woozy electronic backdrop full of skittering bleeps and bloops, Smino brings a laid back vibe, delivering a couple of melodic verses. We can imagine this going nicely with a joint and a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

In December, producer Stefan Ponce told us, “Smino and Monte, in my opinion, are going to be DJ Premier, Guru level. Drake and 40 Level. They will be that legendary.” An unquestionably bold statement at the time, Smino and Booker are doing everything they can to prove him right.

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