The harsher side of Chicago has been the focus of discussion over the past years. This documentary focuses on a different aspect: the thriving culture surrounding Chicago’s hip-hop. The documentary was made by Cole Bennett from Lyrical Lemonade, who explains, “I made this documentary because Chicago is labeled as such a negative city to a lot of people, yet Chicago is so much more than that. We have a wonderful hip hop scene that can truly be identified as a culture.”

Throughout the film, Bennett talks with Twista, Chance The Rapper’s father, Lucki Eck$, Taylor Bennett, DLOW, Joey Purp, and many others.

One of the most powerful moments comes around the 32:00 mark, when Chance’s father talks about the time one of Chance’s friends was killed, and what impact that had on Chance’s decision to pursue a career in rap. See that part below:

Chance The Rapper's Father Recalls a Pivotal Moment in Chance'…

Chance The Rapper's father recalls the time one of Chance's friends was murdered, and explains how that changed things between him and his son. Powerful stuff.This clip is from Lyrical Lemonade's 'The Culture' documentary about Chicago hip-hop. Watch the whole thing here:

Posted by Pigeons and Planes on Monday, February 1, 2016