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Earlier this week, J. Cole and Creed director Ryan Coogler sat down for a conversation during the #MLKNow event. During the interview Coogler accidentally let the world know that Cole was married. For those that missed the live stream of the event, this short clip of the mishap became the main highlight online. However, there was much more to their long talk than Cole revealing he’s married.

During their talk, Cole and Coogler discussed how they each individually try to shine light on difficult topics about racial tension and police brutality within their own art. Cole mentioned how he had never “allowed himself to feel” when it came to previous stories of police brutality, but Coogler’s film Fruitvale Station about Oscar Grant struck a nerve that inspired him to include more of these harsh realities within his music.

The full conversation is now available online thanks to MONTREALITY. Watch the video above.

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