Say what you will about Martin Shkreli, but the man knows how to put on a show. Just when we thought the (allegedly) corrupt pharmaceutical bro had reached peak villainy, he goes and does some shit like this.

Last week TMZ cornered Ghostface Killah and questioned him about Shkreli’s ownership of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the only copy of Wu-Tang’s secret album. Ghostface isn’t a fan of Shkreli and his price-gouging, and he let the camera know as much when he called him a “shithead.”

Now Shkreli has responded with a video of his own. It’s kind of similar to what Ghostface himself did to Action Bronson—the only difference is, Shkreli is swirling a goblet of wine and is backed by a gang of goons. He threatens to destroy the album unless Ghostface delivers a handwritten apology. Good luck with that.

The little banker that could also shared a couple tweets to make sure Ghost (or “Dennis,” as Shkreli insists on calling him) gets the message. Read those below, and watch the strange, frightening-for-the-wrong-reasons video above.

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