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Ever wondered how much profanity you might hear on a daily basis based on the music you listen to? A recent music study from musixmatch took a look at the artists and genres who use the most profanity in their music. 361 artists were chosen across 8 genres with nearly 10 million words analysed. Unsurprisingly hip-hop was at the top of the list having more artists who used profanity per word than any other genre.

Lil Wayne took the top spot in the “highest swear word count in lyrics” with 1 profanity every 31 words followed by Tupac Shakur at the No. 2 slot and T.I. ranking at #5. Chief Keef came in at No. 1 in the study’s “most frequent use of swear words” with Dr. Dre taking second place. However musixmatch admits the obvious that their “analysis is skewed by artists who have released more albums but the next metric tries to counter this.”

Among other genres, the frequency and amount of swearing drop considerably. Diplo took No. 1 in the electronic category, Green Day in rock, Charli XCX in pop, and The Neighbourhood in indie rock. Folk and country came in last with sex being counted as profanity.

It’s an intriguing study that kind of points out the obvious but is interesting for people who like to know stats like this. Check out musixmatch’s full analysis here.

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