In 1968 at the Summer Olympics, Tommie Smith was the Gold Medalist for the 200m dash, and while on the winner’s podium he and John Carlos raised their fists “to stand up for human rights and to stand up for black Americans.”

Killer Mike sat down with the former Olympian and discussed everything from the iconic raise of the fists, to society today and our current approach to these political topics. The conversation begins with a focus on the intent of the raising of the fists and the controversy it caused, and then transitions to how athletes can play their part in helping to organize the different movements and show that they all have the same oppressors.

This is the latest of many conversations Killer Mike has had, as he also sat down with Bernie Sanders, Stephen Colbert, and also participated in a panel discussion on Dr. Martin Luther King.

Watch the thought-provoking conversation above.

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