Rap and wrestling have a long, storied history. But that doesn’t mean they should be on the same stage. Flo Rida learned that the hard way last night, when he appeared on WWE’s Monday Night Raw. As the corresponding reddit thread politely points out, it didn’t go well.

Let me set the scene: Flo Rida finds himself facing down four wrestlers in the ring, and they’re all mad. Rather than settling this with legdrops, however, they want to battle rap (Flo Rida’s specialty). Flo Rida goes up against Bo Dallas, who takes the name Bo Rida for the occasion. That nickname is the best thing about the next two minutes—Bo Rida squishes half-rhymes together after a questionable salute at 1:05, and it looks like this is going to be a slaughter. Because Flo Rida is a professional. He does this for a living—so this should be…

Nope. Flo Rida can barely get through his eight bars, and whether that’s due to the writing or the performance, I barely could either. If this is comedy, why do I feel so sad?

But it doesn’t matter. Flo Rida is immune to embarrassing moments by now, and he’s probably going to make a million dollars off this and his “Whistle” royalties. Life sucks.


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