The paths we walk grow less stressful as we downsize our attention: focus on what concerns you and the troubles of others won’t distract from your own goals. In short, mind your business and keep it moving.

“Sips Tea,” released in August and produced by Obeatz, saw Boston rapper Jefe Replay whip up a lighthearted, catchily crooned track. Yes, it borrows a line rooted in meme culture, but it’s reflected in everyday life. The accompanying visual, shared today, is a testament to the fun that comes with keeping a close circle. Mass-bred videographer JMP (James Pereira) handles directorial duties, capturing a joyful gathering of friends and local talents alike.

Replay, rocking a revolving assortment of Gucci flip flops, Patriots jerseys, and custom-made attire, hits the court with his crew—hometown hero Michael Christmas and storied public figure OG Swaggerdick among them—before grabbing an iced tea from renowned Roxbury restaurant Silver Slipper. It’s a positive art piece that preaches brotherhood over bullsh*t.

“The people in this video mean a lot to me,” Replay wrote of the video in an email. “I wanted to show the people who create the environment from which I am able to get inspiration, just having a fun time with the very same people I grew up with, shed tears with and laughed with. We wanted to portray Roxbury in a different light than what the stats make it seem like.”

Watch “Sips Tea” above, and read our original 5 On It writeup right here. Remember: if in doubt, ask for Juan.

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube