Art by Henock Sileshi

Here at Pigeons & Planes, there’s nothing we enjoy more than unearthing new talent. From St. Louis’ Dylan Brady, all the way to Brooklyn’s Negative Gemini, there’s been no shortage of unique and exciting sounds emerging in 2015. The year has given us some incredible new artists with a wide breadth of genres and styles, and when it comes to those producing either for themselves or others, we’ve been especially impressed.

To celebrate the amazing work some of these incredibly talented producers and their friends have been churning out, we decided to put together a compilation of original tracks to showcase their unmissable music. The resulting album is called I Like It, What Is It?, and it’s compilation full of idiosyncratic sounds from some of the most exciting rising producers today. Featuring Brockhampton’s Romil, Last Night In Paris enigma Poter Elvinger, blank body and Lil Sad as Glam Eternal, Ellie Herring, and many more, I Like It, What Is It? is our holiday gift to our avid readers.

Listen to the entire compilation below, and download it for free here.


I Like It, What Is It? Tracklist:

1. Calvin Lewis – “Heart”
2. Nok from the Future – “Up North (ft. Cousin Stizz & Night Lovell)”
3. Poter Elvinger – “College Boy”
4. et aliae – “Closer Still Closer”
5. Vague001 – “It’s Been Nice”
6. Ameer Vann – “Hell Nah (prod. Albert Gordon)”
7. Negative Gemini – “You Only Hate the Ones You Love”
8. Aaron Cartier – “YMCA”
9. Ellie Herring – “Take Me Back”
10. Abbi Press – “NEXT 2 U (prod. Glam Eternal)”
11. Romil – “1v1rust”
12. glocque – “200 Proof”
13. Dylan Brady – “KIDS (ft. Night Lovell)”
14. James Kristofik – “A Bow for Basses”

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