Throughout 2015, Ghostface Killah and DOOM have been promising that their long-awaited collaborative album, DOOMSTARKS, is still on the cards. We haven’t been given any firm dates, but we have received a number of tracks confirming that the pair have been cooking something up. Thankfully, it looks like it could be coming out relatively soon, as Ghostface has confirmed in an interview with LetsLink that his full-length collaboration with DOOM will be dropping in February 2016.

The album has been almost an entire decade in the making, but that’s not even the longest an album has been in production for the elusive DOOM. During the interview, Ghostface also reiterated that he’s still working on the highly anticipated Supreme Clientele 2, which he hasn’t given a release date for just yet. While this drip-drop of information surrounding the legendary DOOMSTARKS can be a bit annoying, we’ll take anything we can get at this point. Here’s hoping 2016 will finally be the year it comes out.

Watch the entire interview with Ghostface below.

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