Release date: June 23, 2015 Label: Columbia

Leon Bridges has had a tremendous year: an enormous tour with sold-out shows, a Saturday Night Live debut, and a even a spot in an Apple advertisement. These are hardly rookie moves, but his music speaks for itself. One listen to Coming Home and it's obvious why things are going as well as they are. Warm, smooth, and soulful, it almost feels as if he's much too young to sound the way that he does.

But don't call this a soul revival. What Leon Bridges does is not forced. He's not desperately trying to revive and breathe life into this once ubiquitous sound; his music is what comes naturally.

Much like how Amy Winehouse was a true jazz singer (according to the legend Tony Bennett himself), Bridges is a true soul artist, and this is abundantly obvious all throughout Coming Home. Its title track was just the beginning. Songs like "Better Man," "Lisa Sawyer," and "Smooth Sailin'" are reasons as to why he's here to stay.—Joyce

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