Release date: September 21, 2015 Label: Glassnote

CHVRCHES didn't reinvent the wheel with Every Open Eye, but they wheels didn't come off, either.

It's a reaffirmation of their signature sounds—Lauren Mayberry's bright, clear vocals are still front and center, with Martin Doherty occasionally stepping in (he does a great job with "High Enough To Carry You Over") to provide a different octave. The sassy synth-pop patterns are back in full effect too, aiming for heartstrings with deadly accuracy on "Clearest Blue" and "Empty Threat." It's radio-friendly pop with a personality usually missing from the airwaves.

CHVRCHES seem set in their mission to bring a shred of humanity to the music industry, and while it doesn't reach the same dizzying heights of The Bones of What You Believe, Every Open Eye reassured fans that CHVRCHES is a fully functional operation.—Graham Corrigan