gifs 2014 is over

2015 sucked. For all the great albums produced in the past 12 months, there were still plenty of signs pointing to humanity’s continued decline. We are a savage species, and our pop culture memes often expose the depths of that savagery. When a man is lost at sea, it’s cause for alarm. But when he’s lost at sea with Snapchat, it’s theater.

Let’s put all these horrific moments behind us and move on into 2016 with a a final memory purge. Here are 15 moments we’ll be happy to forget.

DJ Khaled got lost at sea on his jetski and almost forgot a major key to success: don’t jetski at night. (80)

Drake ran 2015 with two hit albums and an incredible amount of features, but somehow it was this dancing Drake GIF that remains stuck in our head. (79)

We pretended that we were OK with letting Frank Ocean take his time with his next album. But now 2015 is ending, and we still don’t have an album, and we’re not OK with it.


Pharmaceutical super-villain Martin Shkreli price-gouged life-saving drugs, bought the Wu-Tang album, got arrested, and said he wanted to “dominate the rap industry.” Please stop. (77)

Ariana Grande licked a donut and it was national news. Moving on. (78)

TIDAL was really confident that people would care about hi-fidelity streaming. After one of the most awkward press conferences of all time, we weren’t sure of anything anymore.


Slim Jesus snuck onto our timelines and newsfeeds by flashing guns and money he later told Vlad TV were fake. Shocker. Are his 15 seconds up yet? (76)

R. Kelly’s PR team somehow thought it was a good idea to let their superstar answer more questions from fans. It didn’t end well. (75)

Taylor Swift became everybody’s best friend. (17)

Madonna desperately tried to stay relevant and edgy by kissing Drake onstage at Coachella, and he freaked out. He had to apologize, then Madonna got all self-righteous, then we wrote an essay about it… the whole thing was weird. (73)

We get it, Miley Cyrus, you’re kooky.


Instead of an album, Kanye gave one of the most meme-worthy speeches OF ALL TIME. At least we know he’s back to work.


The word “Hello” will never be the same. Thanks a lot, Adele.


That fucking “Gangnam Style” guy made another song.


Gucci Mane still isn’t free. At least we got a shitload of music.


Yup, horrible year. Never again, 2015.