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Milwaukee rapper Reggie Bonds’ new single “Mad Scientist” feels like an exorcism of rage in all its fire and ugliness.

“These kids need to know how to use that frustration I put it in a song and not loaded it in a gun and took it out on another person,” says Bonds of the song. “I was once hateful of my past and life, but I’m becoming a better person everyday.”

“Mad Scientist” won’t be for every listener, but its intensity effectively channels the hatefulness a child never got to express (as Bonds raps: “I witnessed and never grieved/At least not how you ‘posed to weep”). The accompanying video juxtaposes a jagged found footage aesthetic with grindhouse horror style for a grim collage, the post-Apocalypse transported to present day Milwaukee.

Watch the video for the single off Bonds’ upcoming project The Next Phase above.

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