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Press Block

Young Madison, Wisconsin rapper Trapo has been impressing us since “Cards & Conversation,” mixing raspy, personal rapping with grittily soulful singing and demonstrating an ear for unique beats and song structure. All this is in full effect on his debut project The Black Beverley Hills, which also features Allan Kingdom, and Trapo broke down what it means to him:

“This project has been therapy for me. I battle with different insecurities on a daily basis and this project has made me realize that no matter where you come from, whether you’re rich or poor or lame or cool, you still have the ability to make the best of any given situation. This project is me telling you to be the person you want to be. Don’t follow the crowd; be proud of who you are.”

Trapo sums it up as “a short project about Black prosperity,” and with warm keys, jazzy breaks, short skits, and little touches like a cassette tape being put in a player, The Black Beverley Hills is a truly cohesive EP. This is an unfiltered, unflinchingly honest look at Trapo’s worldview and mind-state—hit play and prepare to be impressed.

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