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While the influence of The Neptunes looms large over the present hip hop landscape (both directly in the sounds of artists like Tyler the Creator and the extended Odd Future penumbra, and ideologically in the directive to move away from sampling and towards unique synthetic textures), few inspired by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo seem to explore either the oft-forgotten reaches of their massive catalog or the underpinnings that inspired them.

Brockhampton singer Rodney Tenor’s debut single “Sex Club Radio” recalls “There She Goes,” The Neptunes-produced Babyface hit from 2001, and digs deeper into the legendary production duo’s disco and funk influences than most other mimics. Much of the song’s success comes at the hands of Joba, the Brockhampton crew’s emergent multi-talented weapon, though Tenor seems to be a formidable singer in his own right. Another strong release from one of music’s most eclectic, exciting young crews.

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