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Image via PR

It’s so refreshing to find a new artist that doesn’t release just one good single, but four. That’s what we’ve been lucky enough to experience with L.A. artist Elohim’s discography (here, here, and here), and her newest might just be her best yet.

“Bridge And The Wall” is a jolt of pure electro-pop that finds Elohim more accessible than she’s been before without losing her signature dose of unfiltered melancholy. It shows a more mainstream tendency that we haven’t seen from her yet, proving Elohim’s diverse and ever-evolving range.

Listen to the track, and read a quick Q+A with her below.

Tell us a little about how you got into music.
My parents bought me this wooden Howard upright piano with chipped keys for maybe $100 when I was 5. Shortly after, I began taking lessons from this Macedonian woman who was very emotionally intensive but pushed me to excel. I’ve been playing religiously ever since

You’re starting to work with a bunch of different artists (like Casey Veggies). Who else would you want to work with?
Yes! It’s really exciting. I enjoy collaborating tremendously, seeing other peoples brains come out of their mouths and hands, it’s wild! I would love to work with Young Thug. I heard he records an entire track in 7 minutes. Must be 7 minutes in heaven, or maybe total chaos. Also, Dej Loaf would be interesting. I respect her lane in hip-hop at the moment.

My all time dream collaboration would be Thom Yorke. The limitless sounds he has provided to music is always a cornerstone I come back to.

What sort of experiences inspire you? For example, is the song “She Talks Too Much” really about a girl you know that talks too much?
I am inspired by beings, life, love, passion, insanity, art, beauty, heart wrenching pain, heart bursting euphoria, the list is endless.. my feelings are endless. To me, the who of it doesn’t matter as much as why. Why did this make me feel so strongly, what can I say to embody this emotion?

What’s next for you?
Evolution. I want to put out an entire body of work. I will continue to share my live show experience. My eyes are open, my mind is working and my soul is searching for what else is out there for me.

Anything else P&P readers should know?
Whoever you are, you are not alone.

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