JuegoTheNinety’s “When I Was a Boy” is not a fun song to listen to. It’s confrontational, even if Juego is mainly confronting himself. The song accomplishes Eminem levels of fuck-the-world attitude, but it does so without any of the over-the-top humor or cute pop culture references. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s hard to look away.

“The beginning of the song is me airing myself out,” Juego explains. “Just a bunch of questions about shit that’s pissed me off or affected my life. The song kinda wrote itself as a confessional or some shit. The video is a little deeper for me. There’s footage in here from when I was eight to when I was 15. There’s footage of my pops, my younger brother Witty Rock, and my homeboy Joe, who got killed in a car accident earlier this year. It also features some homeboys that I just don’t see anymore. There’s footage from the first movie me and Rock ever made in the video, and it’s crazy because that first movie is really what sparked the interest and led to what we do now.”

Listen to JuegoTheNinety’s Abandoned Mansions album here.