London-born artist GAIKA made a powerful first impression with “Blasphemer,” a modern protest song that was sonically hard to place, blending influences like dancehall, dub, grime, and hip-hop into a unique package. That experimentation continues across his debut mixtape Machine, a rumbling, menacing ten track effort that, while bleak, is a necessary reminder of the power and release that music can provide.

“I can get rich but I cannot get a cab,” GAIKA sings on “NQIKA,” just one of many memorable lines on Machine. Across the project the production is as important as the vocals as GAIKA creates his own world, full of heroes, villains, darkness, debauchery, love, pain, and sometimes even joy.

Listen to Machine and download the tracks from the player below, and then check out the new video for “HECO,” a fitting companion to the video for “BLASPHEMER.