Earlier today, a large portion of the internet was freaking out over Ben Carson’s latest radio advertisement. It isn’t a traditional move for a presidential campaign, and it comes off a little desperate and cringe-worthy if anything. Essentially, the ad is a short rap song advertising Ben Carson’s presidential bid, and the lyrics (as well as the beat) are questionable, to say the least.

Unfortunately, Carson doesn’t spit any bars on the ad itself (he is sampled, though), with the original vocals on the track coming from a mysterious rapper going by the name of Aspiring Mogul.

Upon googling the name, an old blogspot belonging to the rapper comes up, and it’s pretty eye-opening stuff. Titled ‘ASPIRING MOGUL THE BLACK REPUBLICAN’, his blogspot offers up some of his beliefs, and they’re interesting, to say the least. “I DO NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE, BUT I THINK IT’ S A CLEVER DISTRACTION FROM THE REAL ISSUES,” he writes in one, caps-locked post titled “911… WE ARE NOT IN THE DEMOCRATS’ POCKET.”

From there on out, it only gets better, or to put it more accurately, worse. Late last year, Mogul released a track titled “THE BLACK REPUBLICAN,” and it’s just as bad, if not worse than his ad for Ben Carson. Billed as featuring Carson himself (it doesn’t), the track sees Mogul rapping such choice lines as, “I’m pro-life I don’t believe in abortion,” as well as, “One woman one man marriage it just seem right.”

If you need another reason to not vote for Carson, meet one of his biggest fans with Aspiring Mogul’s “THE BLACK REPUBLICAN (ft. Ben Carson)” below.