It’s rare for a group of young artists to have synergy quite as strong as Brockhampton does. With their wildly creative energy and passion for disrupting the norm, every member of the all-American boy band pulls their weight and more, improving song after song to an almost alarming degree. Of all the vocalists in the group, it’s Ameer Vann who has been keeping the most quiet in 2015, but with his latest, “LOVE,” he’s looking to make as much noise as he can in as little time as possible.

Taking the phrase “I love you to death” to its utmost extreme, the intense, tar-black video for “LOVE” is a statement and a half. Pushing the punk-rap sound of his contemporaries into borderline gothic territory, Ameer takes the adventurous blueprint Yeezus laid-out for rap and takes it further than Kanye would ever have the courage to. His passionate delivery and immediate lyricism leave an impression for sure, especially when combined with the video’s unsettling imagery.

Wasting no time at just under a minute and a half, Ameer is looking to reinvent leave a lasting impression with the self-directed video for “LOVE.” Produced by JOBA, Albert Gordon, and Bearface, “LOVE” is yet another impressive example of what Brockhampton are truly capable of, together, and alone. Watch the premiere of the bloody video above. Listen to the full version of “LOVE” below, and check out “Camera Roll” below that.