50 Cent’s lyrical dexterity proves he has a firm grasp on the English language, but it turns out that after he was shot in 2000, the rapper became even more of a cunning linguist.

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, 50 Cent talked about his recent single “9 Shots.” This led to him telling the host about the shooting outside of his grandmother’s house, when he was shot in the left cheek, among other parts of his body. He went on to explain that a fragment of one of the nine bullets is still in his tongue and that “it’s great for oral sex.”

English actress Julie Walters, who was also a guest on the program, then felt his tongue through a tissue and confirmed that she could feel the bullet.

Watch 50 Cent talk about oral sex above.

50 Cent also said that he’s “a better man now, trust me,” which would explain the confidence:

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