In case you somehow didn’t log onto any social media accounts this morning, today is officially “Back To The Future” day. Which basically means that today, October 21, 2015, is the date that Marty McFly travels to in order to save his children in Back To The Future Part II. It’s one of those cultural things we get to nerd out about, like May 4 or October 3. While most of us celebrate these big milestones by posting memes related to the day all over Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, MTV found one band who truly embody “Back To The Future” day.

In 2006, a band called Futuristic Sex Robotz released an album, on which they wrote a song entirely devoted to Back To The Future. But instead of just singing about it, they decided to rap the whole plot to the movie. Fucking genius. As MTV points out, a YouTube user loved the song so much, he matched up the lyrics to the corresponding scenes from the film and the above clip was born. God bless the Internet.

Watch the video for that track above, and happy “Back To The Future” day y’all.

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