Mizan K, born in Chicago and raised between Ethiopia and New York, released a song called “7 Billion” last week, a rumination on the world’s difficult to comprehend vastness and our place in it, and we’re happy to premiere a new song and video from her today.

“Looking For”  is a little more upbeat than “7 Billion,” with a funky bounce in its step, as Mizan asks, “What are you looking for?” She explains:

‘Looking For’ is about trying to figure out what you should want, the paralyses that it can cause and the hope that you project into the future for an answer—maybe the answer is time, maybe it’s a new friend, maybe it’s a previously latent switch that spontaneously turns—on some internal revolution. But the song is not meant to be heavy, its teasing the victim of this so called crisis while also consoling them.

Mizan K has directed and produced a video for each song on her upcoming Dark Blue EP—it’s her “way of restating the song’s mood.” Watch the the black and white video for “Looking For” above, and keep an eye out for the EP, dropping November 6 via Terrible Records.

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