Lewis PNP

Image via Lewis Grant

Dylan Brady has been introducing us to a handful of his friends ever since he released his massively impressive debut album, All I Ever Wanted. Known collectively as HELLA, Dylan Brady, Robel Ketema, Calvin Lewis, Ravenna Golden, Lewis Grant, and Osno1, HELLA represents the finest musical talent St. Louis has to offer. Since the release of All I Ever Wanted, Dylan has been stepping back behind the scenes, allowing the rest of the clique to shine in their own right.

Lewis Grant already made himself known with the sleek “Loading Screen,” but now he’s bringing his friends along for the Dylan Brady-produced “In Color.” Accompanied by HELLA co-horts Ravenna and Robel, “In Color” features everything that caught our attention with HELLA in the first place, albeit with a different cast in the spotlight. The production, which alternates between grandiose and minimalistic thumps, is among some of Dylan’s best, and it actively encourages each vocalist to bring their respective a-game.

Proving that Dylan is just at distinctive behind the scenes as he is in the starring role, “In Color” benefits greatly from his production, but the track belongs to each of the contributing vocalists. There’s no hook, just a beat that winds a curvy path as each vocalist offers their own unique approach, making this more of a teaser than a full-on showcase of what Lewis Grant in particular is capable of. It may be a bit of a tease, but it’s a fantastic tease no less.

Listen to the premiere of “In Color” below, and check out the recently released “Think I’ll Be OK” below that.

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