The L.A.-based punk-rap duo Ho99o9 are one of the most interesting acts in rap going at the moment, thanks to their reckless disregard for genre conventions and infectious energy. With their apocalyptic sound and incredibly morose lyrical content, the macabre duo have taken the blueprints of rap and punk music simply to warp them into an unrecognisable beast entirely its own. Their guttural yelps, morbid buzzes, and overall provocatively morbid sound is captivating.

They’ve taken their sound even further with their latest mixtape, which is pleasantly titled Dead Bodies in the Lake. Recalling the borderline snuff quality of industrial outsiders like Skinny Puppy, the mixtape is frequently terrifying, hard as hell, and heavy as shit. Just like frequent collaborator NAH, the duo pack a lot into the mixtape’s short running time, making it a perfect candidate for a quick pre-Halloween listen (the timing on this mixtape really couldn’t be any better).

Listen to the Dead Bodies in the Lake mixtape in full below, and check out the tracklisting for it below that.

Dead Bodies in the Lake tracklisting:

Side A:

Twisted Metal
Kill All Rats
Get A Grip
DeathKult Disciples (999 Anthem)
Floating Corpse
Side B:

Hate Crimes
Kult Refugee w/skit
Kill You
Piss Bottle feat. Gnar
From The Bottom Of The Lake