Besides the string of hits Akon released in the early 2000s, we also have Akon to thank for introducing the masses to artists such as T-Pain and Lady Gaga. At the time, Akon also had the opportunity to sign Drake but reportedly passed up on it. With Drake’s current major success, one would think that Akon has been kicking himself for initially passing up on Drake, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

When TMZ approached Akon and asked if he regretted his decision, Akon explained: “At the time when I passed, he wasn’t was he is today,” said Akon. “He grew into being an incredible artist.” Though everyone else seems to feel like this is a decision anyone would regret, there seems to be no hard feelings on Akon’s part.

After the cameraman jokingly asked if he ever thinks about all the money he missed out on Akon gave the best response: “I don’t think about stuff like that, I think some things just aren’t meant to travel through you.”

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