The internet age is both strange and confusing to say the least. For some musicians, it’s becoming more difficult for them to sell their music when everything is so easily accessible. And yet, for others the internet has allowed them to sky rocket their way to a successful career.

The latter seems to be the case for YouTube star Lindsey Stirling. Stirling is a dancer and a violinist that has found an interesting way to bring her interests together. She has used her YouTube page as a platform to share choreographed videos for her music that blends classical violin with EDM.

Though her name may still be unfamiliar to many, it seems she’s found a niche market that happens to be very rewarding. Some of her videos have already racked up well over 40 million views, which in turn has resulted in her earning $6 million—all without a record deal. Because of these accomplishments, Forbes recently listed Stirling as one of the world’s top-earning YouTube stars of 2015.

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